Harvesting Your Marijuana

  • There are all sorts of ways to know if your pot is ready or not, some methods better than others.
  • When you harvest your weed is going to determine its taste, smell and effects
  • Harvest too early and the taste and effects will be lighter, harvest too late and you will be left with a heavy couch locking narcotic type high, I guess it all comes down to personal opinion.

  • Indica: Generally take 8 weeks til harvest, or usually mid October if grown outdoors
  • Sativa: Sativa strains of cannabis normally have a longer flowering period than Indica’s do, usually around  12 weeks, however there are sativa strains that can be ready in just 9 or 10 weeks. If you are growing an auto flower, they do not depend on a light cycle and are usually ready in 10 weeks.
  • If you take a magnifine glass up to the bud, you can see if the trichomes are ready and if your for harvest.
  • Clear trichomes: The plant should not be harvested yet
  • White milky trichomes: Heady spacey euphoric type high
  • Amber trichomes: Couchlock nighttime type high.
  • Also take note that you are going to want to flush your plants for 14 days, so is best to start 2 weeks before ur harvest date.

Flushing your marijuana.

  • Get yourself a PH meter and a bottle of PH down.
  • Ph your water to 6.0.
  • Use a terpene booster and molasses.